Man who Just Returns From Prison Catches Girlfriend Sleeping With New Lover, Kills Them Both

Kenyatta Bellamy, 50, left prison on Tuesday in the wake of going through a year in a correctional facility for DUI murder. 

At the point when he got to his home in Davenport, Florida, he discovered his better half, who he let live in his home living with another man. 

Bellamy called his mother to check whether he could visit her in Miami, however, he proved unable, as transport administration was dropped on account of the coronavirus flare-up, the Polk County Sheriff's Office said in a news discharge. 

On Friday, Bellamy took his better half's child, who the sheriff's office said calls Bellamy "daddy," regardless of not being his dad to a relative's home, and went to snatch supper with his cousin. 

Bellamy enlightened his cousin he was vexed concerning his sweetheart's darling living in his home and requested that he drop him off at a service station after supper since he would not like to get back. 

His cousin later went to Bellamy's home, thumped on the entryway however nobody replied. The cousin said he smelled smoke and called 911. 

It turns out, as per police, Bellamy murdered his better half and her darling, after he became irritated when he saw them having s*x and lit a fire in the room and shut the entryway. 

The 50-year-old said he was power washing the outside of his home, yet when he headed inside, he saw the lady and her darling having s*x and said he "lost it." 

As per the Polk County Sheriff's Office, Bellamy utilized a mallet and blade to slaughter the man and lady. 

Bellamy let his better half live in his home and gave her cash to take care of the tabs, and didn't realize she requested that the man move in with her, police said.

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