"My Husband Sleeps Off During S*x" - 27 Years Old Housewife Tells Court

A 27 year old housewife named Iniobong Edem has reportedly asked an Uyo High Court in Akwa Ibom State to dissolve her marriage to her 41 year old husband, Mr. Edem Bassey, over his alleged inability to satisfy her sexually.

According to Iniobong Edem at the court on Friday, her husband was so bad sexually that he usually slept off during intercourse with her. While further describing her husband as a one- minute man, Iniobong stated that she had not been able to get pregnant since they got married because her husband usually get tired easily whenever he gets back home .

It was gathered that the courtroom was thrown into laughter especially when the wife described her husband as a ‘one- minute man’, saying;

“ My Lord, my husband always complains of being tired every night I demand s*x from him. He cannot last more than two minutes without taking drugs. Sometimes, he will sleep off on top of me , ” she said.

When asked if there could be any alternative to resolve the matter apart from divorce, Iniobong reportly said “to hell with the marriage”.

She instead urged the court to separate them while adding that she was no longer interested in the marriage. According to report, the case was adjourned to enable the husband respond to the allegations.

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