Popular Show Promoter Kogbagidi Warns People Disrespecting Him On Social Media With Assault Video

Popular Nigerian show promoter, Kogbagidi, today took to his Instagram page to send a note of warning to people disrespecting him on social media while also sharing a video of someone being assaulted to prove that he means business.

According to Kogbagidi in his Instagram post trending online, he is a true Lagosian and he is ready to hunt down anyone that tries to disrespect him on social media because he worked hard to build his name and reputation.

"Am a true born Lagosian, worked hard to build myself and people around me, that’s why my name is “GOLDEN “. If you try to put my hard earned name in the “MUD “, I will bring out the street in me and hunt you down like “VANHEALSING”. The Gods are wise ,Respect your Elders! "

"Don't private your account after seeing your comment. We need to meet one on one, na beg I dey beg" He wrote.

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