Photos: Jilted Man Kills Himself After Girlfriend Sends Him S*x Video Of Her With Another Man

A heartbroken man has reportedly ended his own life after his girlfriend sent him a video of herself having s*x with another man.

According to report, the cheating girlfriend who decided to hurt her boyfriend by recording a s*x video of herself with another man sent him the video in order to taunt him, not knowing that it would end in a very tragic way, after the man who couldn't bear the heartbreak on setting his eye on the video committed suicide by drinking a poisonous substance in Azua, a municipality in the Dominican Republic. Though he was later rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Below are photos of the man and his evil girlfriend before and after his death trending online and causing debate among social media users who are wondering why the girlfriend decided to purnish her lover in such a cruel way.

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