Photos: Human Right Activist Breaks DCO’s Head, Slaps DPO And Tears His Uniform In Delta Police Station

A Nigerian man and supposed human rights activist wearing lawyer’s robe who stormed the “C” Division ostensibly to ask for the release of two suspected cultists held by the police over a case of murder reportedly slapped a DPO, tore a uniform and broke the Dco’s Head In Delta Police Station.

According to the police officers at the “C” Division, Police Station, Asaba, Delta State, Public Relations Officer, PPRO, Delta State Command, DSP Andrew Aniamaka and Commissioner of Police, Mr. Muhammad Mustafa, who confirmed the report, the activist met the Divisional Police Officer, CSP Aniete Uyo, and while introducing himself, the DPO had some reservations and asked some pertinent questions on his identity, which infuriated him.

It was learnt that for supposedly having the audacity to cross-examine him, the activist dealt the DPO a blow, tore his uniform and went on a vandalizing his office.

The Divisional Crime Officer, DCO and other policemen, who were shocked by the activist' strange action, were still trying to fathom how a civilian would assault their boss when some hooligans wo apparently came with him invaded the station and injured the DCO on the head, he was subsequently rushed to the hospital, where doctors had to stitch his head.

According to report, while the activist tried to escape, the shocked policemen who chased him managed to seize him and three others that came with him while others escaped. While confirming the report, Commissioner of Police, Mustafa, said:

“The supposed activist and three other persons, who carried out the attack on the policemen have been arrested. We are going to arraign them in court for the incident; you cannot invade a police station and fight our officers in that way.”

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