Photos: 14-Year-Old Iraqi Boy Stabbed To Death Because He Looks Like A Girl

A disturbing video footage that captured the moment a 14-year-old Iraqi boy was stabbed to death because of his feminine look that just surfaced online has sparked outrage on social media.

According to report, the shocking video that was shared on social media who killed the teenage boy and recorded the attack in Baghdad while shouting homophobic slurs. The sickening crime video that has since gone viral on social media has also sparked outrage among LGBTQ people worldwide.

In the terrifying video still circulating online, the teenage boy identified as Hamoudi al-Mutairi, can be heard asking for his mother as he lies dying in the street, while his killers who stabbed him repeatedly, allegedly for appearing too feminine, according to Kurdistan 24, can be heard asking, “Who is your boyfriend?”

It was learnt that one of the killers also joked about the boy’s “guts” coming out of his body as the teen lay dying.

Some social media users has now called for the condemnation of such heinous hate crimes while urging the international LGBTQ community to act.

“An innocent kid was killed in Iraq just because they suspected he was gay, I think the international community and especially the LGBTQ community should take a stand,” one Twitter user wrote.

According to report, the Iraqi government is yet comment on the crime,while social media users are calling for action in response to al-Mutairi's gruesome murder.

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