Before And After Photos Of Sparkling Groundnut Seller With Hazel Eyes Turned Model Trending Online

Meet Nigerian groundnut seller girl with beautiful hazel eyes transformed with a super model trending online.

The girl was reportedly discovered by an Abuja based makeup artist, identified as Ufeli Mariam who transformed her into a super model.

Below is what Ufeli Mariam wrote on her Instagram page on how she discovered the girl while she was selling her groundnut.

"I was walking down to the store on the ground floor at my new plaza in Garki II to get a bottle of water, and I saw this young girl hawking grand nut �. She brought her tray down to sell.
I walked pass her just when she was raising her head up to talk to her customers and boom , something caught my attention!

The kind that can catch anyone’s attention and HOLD it down.
I mean, her � � are CATHCY, PUNCHY AND GORGEOUS.
I reversed immediately (like what did I just see?) I wanted to be sure of what I saw.
I looked again, and there they were, very gorgeous adorable beautiful eyes.
I told her to please come up to my studio space once she was done with the people she was attending to.

As the curious kitty that I am, I needed to know this girl, where is she from, like her origin. Is she mixed? Or...? I also felt sad that those beautiful eyes be hawking � on the streets. I suddenly felt scared too, I prayed and hoped she wasn’t being taken advantage of by men.
I told my co - workers that I would like to have her stay with me, so I can protect her and help her the little way I could. And they all said, “ ha! Slow down, do you know her well enough to bring her to your home? ....” One particular thing intrigued me about this beauty, She is has a hustling spirit. I thought to makeup her up and pop those eyes, I told her if she would want that and she said yes.

But, her business is very important to her oh. We set dates many times but she never shows up, when I finally saw her and asked why she didn’t come by again, she said she wasn’t able to finish selling her grandnut that day.
I was impressed by this. She’s not lazy and not easily carried away.
I told @peterusmanphoto about her and he said to bring her for a shoot. But she was difficult to get hold of, as she had no phone I could reach her on.
I only get to see her whenever i see her passing by. Lol"

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