Photos Of The Nigerian Man Spotted Backing His Baby To A Bank In Port-Harcourt Trending Online

Check out photos of the Nigerian man that was recently spotted backing his baby to the Bank in Port-Harcourt that just surfaced online and got people talking.

According to online reports, the man identified as Emmanuel Okorie who lives in Port-Harcourt, Rivers state capital, decided to back his baby girl to the bank where he caused a scene as people kept staring at him and mocking him.

While later defending his action on social media, the man who revealed that he decided to back her daughter simply because his wife was busy making her hair said;

"My wife was making her hair so I have to back my Lovely daughter to the bank. People were looking at me strangely to the extent that a mad man saw me and started laughing hysterically.

If I can answer her dad, why can't I back her?

Note: I could have carried her with a baby carrier or on my arms, but I wanted to back her because I loved the feeling it gives..."

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