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'Saro' by Nigerian singer and Next World Music Frontman, Iledare Oluwajuwonlo, famously known as Jaywon, is an emotional love song about a rejected lover who had invested a lot in his love life only to be rewarded with deceit, rejection and heartache.

The song that has brought Jaywon back to the spotlight conveys deep emotions and failed promises.

'Saro' that was creatively constructed is a touching soul music with an amazing delivery that makes you want to love with caution. It;s sound, voice and rhythm makes it soul touching.

With 'Saro' Jaywon took us back to the days of 'Facebook love', bringing back good old vibes.

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It takes a real talent and passion to create such a beautiful masterpiece like 'Saro', because music shouldn't be all about the mambo jambo all the time, but it should also be about creating beautiful and meaningful lyrics that everyone can relate to, Jaywon delivered this in the great song he related with what constantly happens in some relationships and how agonizing heartbreak can be for some people.

The beautiful song 'Saro' will definitely pave bigger way for Jaywon and put him back on track because the song deserves a place in everyone's play list

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