"How 10 Years Old Girl Begged Me For S*x And Forced Herself On Me" - 35 Years Old Nigerian Man

A 35-year-old Nigerian man and employee of Arab Construction Company, identified as Benjamin Nnabugo, yesterday told an Ikeja Special Offences Court, in Lagos that he slept with a 10-year-old girl identified as Orobo because she begged him for s*x and forced herself on him.

The construction worker, who is standing trial before the Lagos Court, stated this while denying the allegations of defilement and sexual assault leveled against him by the police after also stating in a police confessional statement, that it was actually the little girl that initiated the s*x with him while he was smoking weed inside her mother’s shop at Ilaje bus top, Owode, Ikorodu on the 29th of August, 2012. In his words, he said;

“I went to buy Indian hemp from a woman’s shop, popularly known as Iya Orobo, during my break time from the company where I worked. “So when I got the weed, I took it to one of her empty shops to smoke. After smoking the weed, I laid down on the floor to rest but then the little girl (Iya Orobo’s daughter) now came into the shop and closed the door.

“She then came straight to where I was, pulled down my trousers, brought out my joystick and inserted it into her vagina and started having sex with me while I still lay on the floor. “It was while I was having sex with her that her mother peeped through an opening in the shop and saw us in the act.

The woman immediately opened the door and called the girl by her pet name, Orobo, and said ‘so you have spoiled like this’.

“The girl immediately jumped off my body and ran away. I then called the woman to come so I could explain and apologise for what I did but she refused to hear me out.

“It was the first time I had sex with Orobo (the victim) and I know it’s not good but I didn’t release my sperm on her body. It was only a little part of my joystick that entered her vagina. The whole of my joystick couldn’t enter because it was bigger than her v*gina.”

However, Mrs. Yetunde Adewale, a prosecution witness, during the proceeding, told the court that she saw Nnabugo inside the shop with the child after he finished having s*x with her.

The prosecution witness reportedly a fashion designer,  while being led in evidence by the prosecuting counsel, Ms. M. I. Oshodi, also further added that she caught Nnabugo pants down with the little girl that had semen spilled all over her body.

“I was so shocked when I saw the little girl inside the shop with sperm all over her body while Nnabugo was still trying to wear his trousers. I quickly called her mother, who is also my neighbour, to come and see what this man had done to her child”. She said.

According to report, Justice S. Solebo thereafter adjourned the matter till October 29 for continuation of the trial.

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