Photos: 'Invincible' Robbers Arrested By The Police In Cameroon

A notorious robbery gang that claims to be invincible while operating have neen reportedly arrested by the police in Cameroon.

According to report, two criminals including a lady who were arrested during the raid that have been terrorising some communities in Cameroon, close to Nigeria border (Cross River state) confessed that they appear in the house of their victims without notice and even when the occupants are in the house, they cannot be seen. They further confessed that they take whatever they wantin the house and disappear diabolically.

It was gathered that while acting on a tip off, the Cameroonian Civil Defense and security in the area decided to raid an old abandoned building in the outskirt of the village, where the criminals were later arrested.

The two criminals identified as Malende and Beliki were rounded up during the raid, with lots of charms and other weapons that were recovered from the house. It was gathered that about 50 mobile phones, stolen national identity cards belonging to commuters (about 25 in number), foodstuff and other items were also recovered them.

Below is a photo of the diabolical house where they use for their diabolical activities that was found and destroyed by the security men.

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