"Why I Will Never Take An Artiste To Court" - Kenny Ogungbe Speaks

Broadcast veteran, record label executive and CEO of Kennis Music, Kenny Ogungbe in a new interview reveal the reason why he can never take any artiste to the court.

According to Kenny Ogungbe in the interview with Nigerian Celebrity Armed Wrestling, unlike in the past where talents is the main demand to appeal to music lovers, hype now seems to be more important to make an artiste successful with the revolution of social media and the internet

The Kennis music boss who stated that the most talented are no longer the most celebrated nowadays, but the most syndicated said;

"When we started, there was no internet, we used to hawk our music at the back of our booth all around Lagos but the internet is a phenomenon that we are all excited about and keying in now. If you are caught sleeping in this internet age, you are gone...more stars are being made through the internet now...and hype is all an artistes actually need now. Infact, talent is just 10percent, while hype is 90 of what is important to make an artiste now".

While speaking widely on the trend of every artistes now trying to start their own labels, he said;

"People used to mock us when we started. When artistes started leaving our label to start their own, they mocked us even more; they blamed us. Now, those people are setting up labels everywhere and signing artistes; those artistes too are leaving them to set up their own record labels. When these artistes too sign up other artistes, the artistes also leave to set up labels. So, you can see that Kennis Music has been justified. At the end of the day, there is nobody that will not want to start his or her own thing. Tubaba has Digital Hypertek, and he is still my brother. We see often, i go to his club. So it is relationships that matter."

While blaming Nigerian Journalists for much of the controversies often surrounding artistes and record label relationships, he said;

"There is no where in the world where artistes leave a record label and it becomes news. But Nigerian Journalists, and i say this with a deep sense of respect, because as you know i am a Journalist myself; Nigerian Journalists are always on the side of the artiste even if the artiste is at fault. They will write rubbish about the label without bothering to contact them.... In Nigeria, the banks will not even support an artiste, but one individual will see you, believe in your talent and invest millions on you, then after that you will say you are leaving when you both still have a contract; will you be happy if you were that investor? But journalists will ignore that to write rubbish about the label, simply because they like the artistes' music...Nigerians generally don't celebrate record labels".

Kenny Ogungbe who however said he will never take an artiste to court for anything said;

"Record label owners are taking legal actions against the artistes when they breach contracts, which is fine on a business concern. But i can't bother myself taking a Nigerian artiste to court because i am a leader in this industry. I am a pioneer, i started all this and i can't be part of the people that built an industry and also break it. If you are doing something wrong as my artiste, i will call you to order and advice you as an elder, father and a brother. But if you still insists on towing the part, i will just leave you".

While speaking about hierarchy in artiste management, he clarified some common notions such as, who the boss is between an artiste, the manager or financier;

"The artiste is the boss of his manager because the artiste employed him. That's the standard all over the world. If the artiste is no longer satisfied with the service of the manager, he can fire him. However, i must say that the position of an artiste manager is an exalted one, a very glorious one. The financier on the other hand is who he is; he is the executive producer, he is the boss. The person who pays you is your boss. He finances your talent because you can't; he is your boss. Many of this artistes don't even know this and they need to know."

Kenny Ogungbe in his advice to Nigerian upcoming artistes, said;

"To have Respect is the only advice i will give to young artistes. Majority of the successful artistes you see shining now, let me not mention names, had nothing before they started. The money came from financier, it could be family members or parents, but once they attain a little success they start carrying their shoulders up. That's a very wrong way of life. That person who helped you when you had nothing, respect that person."

Watch the interview below...

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