"We Need To Get Our PVC" - Nollywood Actor Alexx Ekubo Cries Out

Nollywood actor Alex Ekubo has cried out that Nigerians need to get their PVC in order to end all the crisis, suffering and blood shed in the country.

The actor who noted that he is really hearbroken, because of the situation of things in the county stressed that living in Nigeria has become like living an unending episode of a series of unfortunate events. While stating that all he wants is lasting solutions to the various issuses in the country, the actor said;

“Well I’m tired, I’m done pretending. How do you tell a homeless person not to wash his dirty linen in public, when clearly he lives in public view? Living in Nigeria has become like living an unending episode of a series of unfortunate events, we can’t seem to catch a break. We have always suffered what my dad described as “the tragedy of foisted leaders”. The leaders constantly tell us that we are the leaders of tomorrow, yet 80 & above still cling to power like its their oxygen tank.”

“I once likened Nigeria to the proverbial ‘Small dog, with a big name’ after filming in Cameroon for eight days without experiencing power outage. They called me unpatriotic, they asked for my head on a plate, they called me a sellout but the truth is since I was born, I have never experienced steady power supply in my country. It is important to note I turned 32 in April.”

While making reference to the killing of innocent and harmless citizens by Fulani herdsmen in some parts of the country, he said;

“Herdsmen go into a community killing everyone including harmless women and children and the government of the day won’t declare a state of emergency or move a muscle.

“We just lost innocent lives as a result of a tanker explosion on Otedola bridge, they still won’t do anything to change traffic and motoring safety.

Please, nobody should tell me to Pray for Nigeria. INEC would not count your prayer points. I’ve been praying all my life and nothing has changed. I want to give Heaven a break. This is a call to action, we need to get our PVC & end this before it ends us.” He added.

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