Photos: Female Student Changes Her Plea To Not Guilty After Watching Her Masturbation P*rn Video In Court

The 23-year-old female student of Uganda Christian University, Lillian Rukundo who was on Monday convicted before a court in Kampala, the country's capital city on ten counts of procuring and broadcasting pornographic material on Friday changed her guilty plea to not guilty.

According to report, Lillian who was awaiting a sentence from the magistrate together with the presiding chief magistrate Mary Babirye and the state prosecutor Emily Ninsiima, changed her guilty plea to not guilty after she watched her s*x video in court after Ninsiima had asked the magistrate to first watch Rukundo's video before handing down an appropriate sentence.

However, immediately after watching the video and listening to the facts of the case, Rukundo opted to deny the charges after she initially accepted that on Monday 9th/July in 2017, she procured and uploaded a video of her self while masturbating and pushing a finger in and out of her private part with an intention of arousing sexual feelings of whoever would watch the video. She also pleaded guilty to broadcasting pictures of her Unclad body from the breasts to the knees.

Rukundo has now been remanded back to Luzira prison until 16th/July 2018 when she will be brought back to court for hearing after prosecution indicated that it has 4 witnesses to pin her. According to the Anti-pornographic Act, if Rukundo is found guilty, she is likely to face a ten years imprisonment term or to be sentenced to pay a Court fine.

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