Photos: American Snoop Dogg Exposed On Social Media For Cheating On His Wife

46 years old American rapper, singer and actor, Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., famously known as Snoop Dogg, who celebrated his 21st wedding anniversary with his wife last months has been trending online after he was accused of cheating on his wife by a famous Instagram groupie, Celina Powell.

According to Celina Powell known to exposed many male celebrities after sleeping with them, her reason for exposing Snoop Dogg is because his ‘d**k was wack’, Celina Powell who is accusing the ace rapper on cheating on his wife with her on Instagram shared screenshots of their chats and even a video of him asking her for ‘head’.

Celina Powell who is the same groupie who claimed she was pregnant with offset’s baby, also shared screenshots of the rapper arranging to book her flights several times. See the screenshots trending online below...


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