Married Nigerian Woman Slammed For Advicing Single Ladies Not To Get Married

A married Nigerian lady with kids has been slammed online after she took to Twitter to advise single ladies to stop getting married as the benefits in marriage can actually be gotten from their partner Unmarried.

The married woman and Twitter user @ozzyetomi who discouraged single ladies from getting married made the statement when an unmarried lady, another Twitter user @mochievous asked to know the benefits of getting married from married women on the social media platform.

"As a young unmarried woman, I often wonder about the benefits of marriage for me. So far, my list is empty.
Married women, I’ll love to hear from you. What are the best parts of being married? Help." @mochievous tweet:

While @ozzyetomi responded saying:

"I dont particularly advocate for marriage simply because most things (listed) you can have with a partner but unmarried, maybe minus tax breaks (which doesnt apply in Nigeria same as most legal advantages of being married). Truth is advantages are few & far btw for women.
People choose to get married mainly for emotional and romantic reasons but the institution is generally not skewed in women’s favor. Personally i think all women should stop getting married but thats just me ��‍♀️"

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