"I’ll Quit Acting When My Husband Is Rich Enough To Take Care Of Me" - Actress Chiamaka

Nollywood actress, Chiamaka Nwokeukwu who revealed in a new interview that she dumped her ex-boyfriend because she wont alloe her to pursue her dream of being a successful actress has stressed that she can only quit her acting career when her husband is rich enough to take good care of her.

While speaking on marriage and how he dumped her ex in the new interview with Potpourri, the actress said;

“Yes, I dumped him for Nollywood because he didn’t want me to be a star. He didn’t want me to follow up my career and he had not proposed to me. The guy can leave me tomorrow and now that I have the opportunity, I need to follow up. God blessed everybody with talent. It’s not easy to have talent, most people cannot act and when you have the zeal and you can do something, you have to use it well.

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It’s normal for a boy and girl to meet and if you really love your girl, you would let her go into what she wants. When I get married, automatically if my husband says he doesn’t want me to act again, I will not act again as long as he’s taking care of me.”

“He was telling me that he didn’t want me to act, that I’m a very nice person, I’m humble, that when I go into the industry, I’ll meet big people and I’ll become wild and be doing different things. I was like, I know myself, naturally I’m humble. I come from a very humble home, we don’t have any bad scandal so if you want to be bad you’ll be bad, if you want to be good it’s inbuilt.

I explained everything to him, I was like, let me do this thing, let me just do it. If you see that I’m going astray, I’ll stop. He didn’t want me to even start. Immediately I went for my first shoot, he said I didn’t like him any more but I told I still liked him very much but he didn’t believe me and the only sane thing I could do is to walk away,” she added.

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