"I Have S*x Everyday" - Endowed Ghanaian Actress Little Smith

According to heavily endowed, Ghanaian actress, Mercy Little Smith better known as Mercy Little of the local TV series “Efiewura” in a new interview, 'she can stay without having s*x in a day'.

The actress who revealed this while speaking in an exclusive interview on Accra Fm with host Nana Romeo whom she further told that she doesn’t feel comfortable without having s*x in a day went on to list the three things she can never stay away from in a day that obviously includes having s*x. In her words, she said;

“ I drink water, food, and sex. Plus size ladies are happy with s*x because the body is big and any part of the body you touch gets us to feel for s*x.”

When asked what her favourite s*x position was the big and bold actress revealed that it was “Doggy style”, In her words, she said;

“My best sex position is ‘Dodgy Style’, with that position I bounce well and kneel down and that is what brings out the best in me as a woman in bed.”

When asked if she offers s*x for roles in movies Mercy replied with a big no saying;

“My body may be attractive but I don’t just give it out anyhow. I respect my body and the woman in me so I don’t offer it to producers”.

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