How POS Machines Fraudsters Operate In Nigeria Revealed

Nigerians have been warned to be more cautious because fraudsters have upgraded their techniques in duping unsuspecting victims of their hard earned money with the the release of a CCTV footage that revealed the moment a man in suit stole the POS machine at an eatery.

In the video that was just shared online in order to identify the criminal and suspected fraudster (the man in a suit), who can be seen standing at the counter while pretending to be a customer before stealing the POS machine after a staff of the eatery turned away while attending to other customers. The man immediately seized the chance by concealing the stolen machine in a newspaper before walking away.

It was gathered that what the fraudsters do after getting a hold of the POS machine is to bug it and return it back to wherever they stolen, because immediately a debit/ATM card is swiped on such POS, the bank account details of the owner are forwarded to them while they clear their victim's accounts within minutes before the victim reacts. See screenshot of the footage with the video below...

Watch below...

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