Viral Photos Of Lebanese Female Police Officers In Bum Shorts Uniform

Young seductive police women in black bum shorts and red berets are said to be patrolling the streets in the Lebanese town of Broummana as part of its mayor’s plan to attract more tourists and improve the country’s image.

According to Reuters reports, “99% of the tourists in the Mediterranean region wear shorts,” has explained by Broummana Mayor Pierre Achkar, who hopes that the new squad of attractive female traffic cops will help the town to attract more tourists and make the country look better.

“We in Lebanon want to change the bleak picture of Lebanon in the West,” he said.

However not everyone in Lebanon shares the mayor’s vision, as some are complaining on social media that it is wrong to lure tourists using attractive women, while their male colleagues’ uniform remains unchanged.

But despite the mixed reactions to the move, one of the newly recruited police officers, Samata Saad, who stated that she is enjoying the job, said;

“We came willingly to this work and we have accepted it with enthusiasm and we still hope that it will return in every summer season.”

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