Pastor Lazarus Muoka of the Lord's Chosen church accused of trying to kill a former church member (video)

A Nigerian woman has taken to social media to cry out for help and accuse Pastor Lazarus Muoka, the General Overseer of the Lord's Chosen Church, of trying to kill her because she left the church after finding out his secret.

She said Muoka has scattered her marriage and has been sending hired assassins to kill her after his pleas to return to the church did not work. She also accused him of charging her to court 13 times.
Sharing a video on Facebook, she wrote: "Hello friends .... Fake pastor Lazarus Mouka the owner of the Lords chosen church wants to kill me... He's after my life ....please watch this video."

Nigerian woman accuses Pastor Lazarus Muoka of the Lord

Below are some of the claims she made in the video:
Since 2010, I'm a Catholic, then I went to this business centre called Lord's Chosen Church.
The pastor said we worship Mother Mary, we worship statues. I spent 7 years there, I find out that Lazarus Muoka, the owner of Lord's Chosen is worshipping python. I made up my mind, I left.
After 8 months, Lazarus come to my house begging me to come back to his business centre. I told him that I will not go back there. I'll be the last person that will go and use Lord's name and be obtaining people. I told him nobody will hear the difference between two of us, nobody will hear anything -his secrets - he should go his way let me go my way.
So he started locking me from one police station to another. That one was not enough. Lazarus Muoka, a man who said he's a man of God, who call himself a pastor, sent me to exile, sent me to Keffi prison, scatter my marriage, he destroyed my marriage, carried my shop away.
As I'm talking to you, since 2010, this man has been fighting me, sending hired assassin to kill me. He has been doing everything to kill me. He has sued me. 13 court cases! And this man says he's a man of God.

Watch the rest of her accusations in the video below.

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