Real Nation Building is Done Outside Politics: WATCH VP Yemi Osinbajo speak at #ThePlatformNG

Speaking at the 2018 edition of The Platform, a politics and governance forum put together by Covenant Christian Centre, Lagos, vice president Yemi Osinbajo said real nation building is done outside politics.
Osinbajo said:

Nation building in its classical sense really just refers to the formal and informal processes by which political leadership attempt to build a national identity, especially in ethnically and religiously diverse societies.
It is my own thesis that while government’s role is enhancing the vision and creating the environment for nationhood, the real building of nations is done and best seen through the accomplishments of many outside of political leadership.
Men and women in business in agriculture, in education, in entertainment and the art, who by just doing their business diligently or serving faithfully or making sacrifices contribute to building the economies and social systems, that ultimately build the nation.
Real nation building is done and best seen through the accomplishments of many, outside of political leadership, he argued, saying we can all contribute in profoundly transformative ways to changing our society by just doing our own bit with excellency.
The vice president also heaped praises on Nigerian youth, saying “all of us deserve some accolades.”
Osinbajo said:
What we can do together to ensure that we don’t spend the rest of our days looking forward to path frozen by inaction and resolve to do the same things over and over again while hoping for different results. I believe the solution is building back Nigerian bridge.
The bridge will not be one that is built of steel or bricks; this bridge will be built with the wisdom of the elderly and the strength of the youths.
Watch videos below:

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