Nigeria policeman who has never taken a bribe receives award

Julius Adewale Adedeji, a policeman who has never taken a bribe since he joined the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) , has received recognition as the most dedicated police officer.

This was confirmed in a tweet on BBC Africa's Twitter.
He expressed excitement about the title in a conversation with a BBC reporter.
According to the awardee who recounted an incident when someone attempted to bribe him, the recognition has encouraged him to do more.
“I thank God that it’s recognised and I feel like putting my best more and more.
“A copy of the letter (from the BBC) was delivered to my office for my information, when I read through it, I was wondering could it be true?
"I read through the letter and I saw that it said, they wanted an institution where they can name and shame those that are not doing well and encourage the people that are doing well within the Nigerian police force, I felt so great,” Julius Adewale Adedeji told the BBC.

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