Twitter user celebrates her best friend who is about to cheat on her husband

A Twitter user took to the platform to celebrate her best friend who is getting ready to cheat on her husband. According to her, the husband has been cheating on her and her friend was only waiting for her son to clock 1 year old before she finds a boyfriend. She tweeted;I know my married bestie in lekki isjust waiting for her child to clock 1,before she gets her self a boyfriend…she should sha allow mepick a fine man for her tho..Now that she has married and has given her husband a son as per Igbo man,she can now live her bestlife,while spending his money …I can’t wait for us to start traveling together and catching trips like we did in school ???To think I was on twitter feeling sorry for her cos her husband has been cheating all over Nigeria ..I didn’t know she was chilling cos of her baby…she finally opened up to me about her plans and I’m so happy ??????Married or na..there is always a man available out there for a women just choose to stay with men that cheat cos you feel no man would want you..honey that’s a lie!!!!

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