Sen. Dino Melaye Handcuffed To Hospital Bed While In ICU

The lawmaker has confirmed that sen. Melaye is currently at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the hospital. Na’Allah and his colleaguewhovisited the hospital were denied access to Melaye.Na’Allah said…“We went to the National Hospital this morning whereSenatorDino was alleged to have been kept from yesterday and we confirmed that he was brought yesterday at about 11pm,” he began.“We spoke to thedoctorwho is in charge of the ICU and they assured us that they are doing everything humanly possible to stabilizehim but he is in the intensive care unit. We tried as much as possible to see him but we were refused access. The instruction that was left by the Police is that only Senator Abu Ibrahim are permitted to see him.“As at the time we were leaving the hospital, an issue that the feeding of Dino has become an issue because the Police are not willing to feed him because of the situation. They are afraid. The hospital has equally expressed reservations about feeding Senator Dino.“A medical personnel from the Police who is working together with the trauma surgeon handling Dino told us that whoever is bringing the food for Dino must taste it. There is also a report that Dino has asthma so a chest surgeon was the one seen while we were leaving.“Lastly, there was insistence to remove him from the National hospital but the management told them that an undertaken must be signed that whatever happens will be on them. That is what is keeping Dino at the National Hospital till date because nobody is willing to sign,” he added.After several contributions from lawmakers, the Senate resolved to adjourn plenary and visit Melaye at the hospital.

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