Man pulls up to his baby mama's job and shoots her and a coworker for having an affair

A man turned himself in to police after shooting the mother of his three kids and her co-worker because he learned they were having an affair.

Tadarrius Winters, 22, arrived at an IHOP restaurant in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, on Sunday afternoon, and shot at his baby mama, Destinee Franks, 21, and her co-worker Mylik Butcher, 23. Mylik Butcher was pronounced dead at the scene while Destinee was taken to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Explaining what led up to the incident, Destinee told police that Tadarriusis, the father of her three children, got access to her phone and saw text messages that she and co-worker Mylik were exchanging. She said that out of jealousy, Tadarriusis came to her workplace and started asking her about the text messages he saw. That's when he fired several shots at them, killing Butcher.
Mourning his son, Butcher's father, Mike Butcher, said in tears: "My son was a happy son, a happy son."
With tears pooling in his eyes, Butcher's father continued: "For somebody to shoot somebody in the side and walk over them and straight up shoot them 4 more times? Like an execution. You tell me that guy didn’t know what he was doing? Or he didn’t plan all of this? My son went out there to try and help the girl out and he shot him four times. He just cold-blooded kill my son."
Tadarrius Winters, has been charged with murder. Bail on that charge has been set at $1,000,000. Additionally, a $500,000 bail has been set on the Aggravated Assault charge for wounding Franks.

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