"I Fed On Women's Breasts And Two Glasses Of Human Blood Daily" - Ex Kenyan Cultist Reveals

The true life story and confession of 47 year old former Kenyan cultist, named Samuel Mwema Muli, who allegedly killed more than 7,000 people from various parts of the country in less than ten years has surfaced online.
According to Samuel, who he opened up to the Nairobian in 2014 when he revealed his ‘dark’ past and what led him to transformation, his outrageous satanic mission, he claimed, started one afternoon in 1992 when he killed his eight-month-old son, a evil act that made his first wife abandon him.

Muli who was born in Roysambu, Nairobi, and spent three years in jail for mentioning the names of powerful people as devil worshippers, had his primary school in Mathare and secondary school in the city before studying journalism. In his words he said;

“After graduation, I was employed by a news agency in Nairobi where I overheard fellow scribes talk about devil worshipping. I did not believe the talk. But what attracted me to it was the money.” 

Muli who further disclosed that one Thursday evening after work, when he was walking outside the KPCU Building to his Majengo house he stumbled on a letter addressed to him said;

“It was an invitation to cover a fundraising event for street children.”

“I met a shamba boy (name withheld) dressed in black. He welcomed me saying the chief guest expected at the event was a powerful cabinet minister,” he claims.

Muli who added that at the entrance, the shamba boy stripped unclad and took him to a woman who introduced herself as Francisca from Kiambu further said;

“She pulled a drawer, counted crispy Sh75,000(N267,000) notes and handed them to me.”

“When I arrived at about 5pm, I lied to my colleagues that I had hit a jackpot and invited them for drinks.”

While adding that after he spent the cash in three days, he decided to go back to the hall one more time said;

“I met Francesca once more and she led me to another office where I saw three screens written ‘Kenya,’ ‘Uganda,’ and ‘South Africa”.

According to him, on one of the TV screens hung inside the hall he saw the face of his 18-month-old first born son.

“Then a Unclad woman came, gave me a sharp razor, commanded me to cut the face of my son on the screen and gave me Sh85,000(305,000),” Muli said.

“Three days later, my son died mysteriously. His private parts and tongue were missing when we buried him.”

While adding tha three months after the incident, he was officially recruited as a member of the cult when the team leader took all his finger and toe prints. Afterwards, he started earning Sh9,000 every Friday, more money than the agency paid, therefore he had quit.

According to Muli, with a steady flow of easy cash, he later invested in the transport business and acquired a fleet of buses that operated between Nairobi-Kisumu and Eldoret-Nakuru-Nairobi, but an enquiry by The Nairobian however revealed that the bus company he names is registered at the Kenya Revenue Authority under a different person.

While adding that in 1997, he sacrificed all the passengers aboard one of his buses near Kericho, he said;

“I was behind the grisly road accidents between Naivasha and Nakuru. I could board a bus or matatu and alight before the crash.”

“That period, I fed on women breasts and two glasses of human blood daily. By the time I quit, the cult had more than 500 followers in Nairobi. But all my wealth was taken by the cult when I quit.”

Muli who claimed that he quit the cult after an angel appeared to him at night in 1997 further said;

“I woke up the following day at a church in Nairobi after falling nude from the ceiling and sending the faithful scampering for safety. The three women who remained covered my nudity.”

“The police were called, but since there was no damage on the ceiling, they left.” He added.

While confirming the story, one of Muli’s cousins who lives in Salama,  Musyoki, told The Nairobian that the preacher has not been in good terms with the family since he joined the cult, and has been somehow confused to date.

“The moment we learnt that he had joined devil worshipping, no one wanted to be associated with him. Even now that he is saved,” he said. 

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