Wife Loots Husbands Properties, Dumps Their Son And Elopes Abroad With Her Boyfriend

A Nigerian man identified as Azubuike Okoye has taken to the internet to reveal how his wife almost ruined his life after looting all his properties, dumping their son for him and ran abroad with his boyfriend.

According to the man who says he has forgiven his wife, she abandoned their son their neighbour who took cre of him while he traveled to buy some goods for his business.

Read his full story below as shared online on his behalf by the Humans of Abuja...

"My decision not to listen to my family has almost ruined my life.

I met her four years ago, I thought she was an Angel sent to me by God,immediately I went ahead to see her family and perform the necessary rites, and after eight months of our traditional wedding we got wedded in the church. After our first child a Boy, I was so happy that I to ask her to quit her Job and I opened a branch of my business for her, deal on Fabrics at Wuse market, I gave her access to everything she wants, but she gave me the shock of my life last year when I traveled to go and buy goods upon my arrival I only found my son with my Neighbor at my House.

He narrated to me how he came back from the market and found my son Sitting outside and crying and he haven’t seen my wife since two weeks , I thought that was all until the next day that I went to the market I opened my shop it was empty and I went to her own, it was empty,I almost killed myself but thank God I didn’t.

I called her it was switched off, I later got to know that she eloped with her school boyfriend to Abroad, my family actually kicked against me getting married to her but I only thought my sisters were just being jealous and insecure because I am the only male child but I never knew they saw what I never saw in her.

Thank God I have moved on, I have forgiven her and I wish her well in her new found love and home, as for me all I have got to do now is to secure my sons future and make sure he doesn’t lack anything nor make same mistake I made.

Some women are the reason why people tag ladies gold diggers,she only got married to me to steal from me. Please my advice to every single man out there don’t be blindfolded by love,while in love try and also listen to your family their reasons might be genuine.."

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