Apply To Participate In YOURHANDS Skills Competition To Be One Of The Lucky Winners Of N5 Million

Apply To Participate In YOURHANDS Skills Competition To Be One Of The Lucky Winners Of N5 Million Naira
If your answer to the question above is 'Yes', then you need to Register on to participate in YOURHANDS Skills Competition to get rewarded for you creativity and skills with N5,000,000 and the Certificate that enables you to work anywhere in the world.

Like we all know one of the major factors for growing an economy, and indeed a nation, is trade. A nation cannot rise above its trade potential.
China is one of the most illustrious countries in the world today, contributing 39% to the world economic growth in 2016 according to International Monetary Fund (IMF). The feat is due to China’s determination to change market orientation for regional and global relevance, hereby spreading across many countries of the world. This is the major reason, arguably, why the Chinese are being contracted to take on large-scale infrastructural projects in Nigeria today.
We cannot exclusively blame the government on this, even though government will always share a major part of the blame for the economic challenges that beset the nation. However the private sector and other stakeholders will also arise to their responsibilities, not only to build trade capabilities, but to reorient and empower the youths about trade skills. It is also imperative to place in their HANDS, the resources needed for success and more importantly, nation building.
This is the essence of Your Hands, a community-based impact driven program by SIXEMZ LIFE PLUS.
Your Hands is not just a competition, but an orienting/awakening project to not only empower and equip youths. It is a laudable project that nudges the nation in the direction that influences economic growth. The first ever edition of Your Hands Skills Competition will take place in 2018 with a focus on the trade skills and categories including; EducationCreativity, WoodworkFashion and BeautyEngineering.
Below is all you need to know about registering to participate and win N5,000,000 on YOURHANDS skills competition.
>> What is YOURHANDS?
Yourhands is a community based impact-driven program and community development project powered by Sixemz Life Plus.
Sixemz Life Plus is an educational consulting firm founded in 2012. And over the years, we have built a reputation for career consultancy, facilitation and study-abroad services.
We are committed to helping people achieve their dreams of studying, working or relocating abroad by helping them with scholarship processing, visa processing and also settling down after successful relocation.
>> What is YOURHANDS Skills Competition?
YOURHANDS Skills Competition is a competition that promotes, celebrates and reward excellence in creativity and professionalism in the vocational industry in Africa
>> What is the Aim of YOURHANDS Skills Competition?
• To Portray the importance of vocational career to youths.
• To Introduce advanced skills and bringing less-recognized skills into limelight.
• To Help the new generation of youths to actualize and maximize their potentials by creating meaningful and lasting vocational network.
• To Raise the level of collaboration between public and private sector, educational sector and vocational subsector to move beyond skill acquisition programs to adequate education and empowerment.
>> What are the Skills Competition Process?
• Participants upload their creative works to the internet
• The public casts their votes for their favourite works in all categories to determine the best works in each of the categories.
• Peculiar tasks will be given to the shortlisted participants during a Television series. The final nominee selection will be determined by the panel of judges and public votes.
• The nominees are unveiled during the YOURHANDS Industry Awards where the overall best in each category will be compensated among honourary/legendary awards.
>> What are the Skills Competition Competition Category
• Childhood Education
• 3d Animation
• Disc Jockey
• Furniture Making
• Interior Decoration
• Hairdressing
• Fashion Designing
• Automobile Engineering
• Welding & Fabrication
>> How do i Register on YOURHANDS Skills Competition?
Purchase our online Registration Form with N1000 by completing the form registration process on the registration page and click 'Register' after filling your details to proceed to the billing page for our bank account details below to make your N1000 registration fee payment.
Bank Details:
Name: Sixemz Life Plus
Bank: Keystone Bank
Account Number: 1005950198
>> What do i need to do after registering and making payment?
Please send the following details below to us for confirmation of your payment.
Name of Depositor:
Date of Payment:
Amount Paid:
Teller Number:
Send via email, SMS or WhatsApp message to or +234 803 388 6606+234 806 739 9545 and +234 803 538 4812.
Note: Please note that your form will not be processed until the funds have cleared in our bank account.
>> How do I contact YOURHANDS?
To contact Us, send a mail to or Call/WhatsApp +234 803 388 6606+234 806 739 9545 and +234 803 538 4812. or chat with us on our Facebook page @Yourhands.
See you at the competition soon...

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